Patient ID wristband

Patient ID wristbands contain critical identification details to enable hospital staff to correctly identify patients and provide customized, appropriate care, ensuring their stay in the hospital is safe and focused on quality outcomes. In addition, wristbands provide time-saving communication of sensitive data in a demanding healthcare environment.

  • Clear identification
  • Durability

Labeling Patient ID wristband

When admitted to the hospital, every patient is fitted with a wristband worn for the duration of their stay. The wristband contains critical patient identification, including a barcode, which can easily be scanned using a barcode scanner. In addition, the band provides essential health care information such as:

  • Patient’s name
  • Date of Birth
  • Previous conditions
  • Allergies
  • Assigned medication and dosages

The use of Barcode technology on patient wristbands can help prevent medical errors by making accurate and reliable information readily available at the point of care. Information, such as drug identification, medication management, infusion safety, specimen collection, etc., and any other patient care activity can be easily tracked during the patient stay. In addition, electronic barcoding ensures correct patient identification throughout the testing process, including test ordering and reporting, specimen collection, and analysis.

In addition to providing patient safety, barcoded wristbands aid in increasing staff efficiency by reducing workflow interruptions which can result in fatigue and frustration among clinical professionals.

Why using thermal transfer technology for this application ?

Ensure that patient safety is not compromised by using Thermal Transfer printing for patient wristbands ensuring positive patient identification, appropriate medication dispensing, allergy alerts, and more via barcoding while also maintaining patient privacy. Print durability is designed to hold up to the rigors of patient wear including abrasion, chemicals, showering and more.

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